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On Comixology

What if the 30% in-app split was going to put them out of business, would people still want them to stick with it and then have nothing?

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Pull Your Head Out Of Your Ass, Bon Iver


Dan Ozzi:

Shit, you could just record your last album backwards, slap a grainy photo of a pine tree on it, and release it as new material. No one would even notice and you’ll probably get the cover of Rolling Stone and an endorsement deal from Starbucks.

So. Damn. Funny. Every. Word.

Yeah, it brings the lulz…but once we set aside the comedy routine, we’re back at the old trope that all rock stars should shut the fuck up about anything because they have the life and if they don’t like it they shouldn’t be rock stars. Just watch Mistaken for Strangers, a tour film starring The National if you think that being indie rock gods is the sweetest gig ever.

Yes, I must destroy the humor in everything.

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2013 in Review

So, 2013 is over. Some events that stand out (by no means is this list exhaustive not does it contain every important event, these are just the ones I was able to easily drag up out of my foursquare history):

  • In January the boys (Greg, Jeff, and Scott) and I went to Paso Robles for Wino Tour III. I have so many great memories from that trip, but Hearst Castle has to be at the top of the list. That and yelling “DOPERS!” at any cyclists unlucky enough to be on the road with us.
  • In February I went to Chicago for what’s probably my last code4lib conference. I only worked in the library at CSU, Chico for two-ish years, but this community was very welcoming and a joy to be around. They like good beer, good food, and good music. Good people all around. Luckily for me, we live in The Future™ and I can easily keep in touch with folks, be it via Untapped, Twitter, or even Facebook. Also, I got to see Wrigley Field.
  • In March we had a fantastic little trip to Murphy’s with the Jaxons. As is our habit, we broke their kids the first night.
  • April was getting some baseball games at Nettleton Stadium. I do hope Chico gets a minor league team back soon.
  • May was a trip with Tony to Chester for an amazing weekend of golf. I hadn’t played 18 holes in years, and I managed five rounds that weekend.
  • In June we met up with Greg and Erin for an amazing pre-game on the field at AT&T park drinking wine and shagging fly balls. Seriously. It was awesome. There was also Brewfest, which is always a memorable event…for some people.
  • July we were back for another Giants game and I left my job at CSU, Chico to work at Not everybody is completely adjusted to this yet.
  • In August I turned 40 and I survived my first block party. Barely.
  • In September we drove to Portland for the amazing XOXO festival and then took a few days break in Mount Shasta on the way home.
  • October brought Oktoberfest and the Single, Fresh, Wet & Wild Harvest Festival to Sierra Nevada.
  • In November we took a quick weekend trip to Auburn and did some exploration of new wineries and checked out their Mandarin Festival.
  • December brought us the holiday party. I apologize to all those that had to hear me sing the karaoke version of ‘Common People’.

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